The Cellar and the Sauerkraut

Whenever I think of a cellar, which is not often, I think of sauerkraut.  I wonder if I am the only person in the world that connects the two.   When I was a little girl I remember my mother showing me a big jar of sauerkraut, one of made several she made.   I thought “Yuck”!  I wanted to say, “Why did you make that and why did you make so much!”, but I just kept quiet and looked at the jar.  She seemed proud of that stuff, but I couldn’t imagine why.  “We sure must be going to have a lot of hot dogs” I thought.  The only use of sauerkraut I knew of was on hot dogs.  I followed her closely down the stairs into the cellar to watch her put it on a shelf where she stored the other canned goods she made.  If not close behind my mother, I never ventured down into that cellar. It was scary.  Why, besides sauerkraut there could be anything down there … snakes, spiders, and who know what else.   It even had a dirt floor.  This was the scariest thing of all.  A monster or something could dig through the dirt and come right up into the cellar.  A monster would not be after sauerkraut … so then up the stairs into the house it would come.  Thankfully, a monster never dug into the cellar before we moved out.  I don’t remember if we ate all that sauerkraut.


Mary Ellen Smith
Retired Programmer
Age 63
Birmingham, Alabama, United States of America

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  1. Love to see some humor in these selections. Gives me a chance to lighten up and myself in a funnier way. Mine was so serious and incendiary, I love to read a sensibility so comical and so seemingly immediate and spontaneous

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