Goat Lovin’

She got the green perspiring
that drips onto you
even if she don’t touch you.
You know the type, the ladies,
that find you no matter how far you’ve run
no matter how many other women you’ve
slept with to scrub off the previous one.
I’ve been chased up a palm tree before,
held my breath and swam as far down
as I could, ears popping, and bam,
there she was.

What advice do I have for you? Well, I don’t know
what’ll ward them away, but I know at least this one’s
afraid of goat shit. So you better, if you’re
lucky, find a place to hide
put some of those balled up turds on the outside
and hope and pray that her touch can’t reach you.


Ross Weissman
Homeless Shelter Staff
Age 27
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States of America

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