The Curb Appeal

It was an eye sore. People either pretended it didn’t exist or married the neglected landscape with thrown rocks, broken liquor bottles, and discarded trash. It must have what the people call “good bones”. Nevertheless, it stood as ugly and imposing as ever yet somehow it permeated an undeterred silent strength.

Even the oldest resident on the block couldn’t recall ever seeing anyone coming or going. The mystery was more intoxicating than the top shelf remnants scattered on the walkway.  It had an “unexplainable-just-can’t-put-a-finger-on-it” attraction.

She stood there feeling something shift within and coax her nearer. She steps forward and walks through her fear and all that she has ever seen and believed. She will never be seen again. Within lies depth and an intensity of experiences that will forever change her.

There is always more within, don’t get caught up by the curb appeal.


Victoria Lanier
Vision Planner
Age 38
Dallas, Texas, United States of America

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