Synthetic Optimism

Synthetic Optimism; with the belief that I have fallen beyond a point where there is nowhere to go – but up. To fashion a freedom within my individual being; looking forward to what my dreams have promised me. When faith, not only in myself, but in the spiritual presence that can only be felt through the values bestowed upon me by the ashes of my gods. That I can achieve greatness, no matter how high the climb and no matter how low the fall.

At times, I was involuntarily programmed to suppose that there was no hope for the distressed, no reward for the deficient and no reason for the unfortunate to continue on a hapless journey. But for those who can be in this world and love to the depths of their souls; hark back to healthier times. Know that the distance between greatness and despair can only be measured by the lone individual that has accomplished both.

So, is it ok to be me when I am at my highest state of affairs or at my lowest point? The latter more difficult to explain to ourselves, but never a need to make clear to others. As long as we consider the choices that we’ve made were the right ones for us, we can then begin to dream with real optimism.


Ricardo Ceballos, Sr.
Security Officer
Age 53
Civitavecchia, Italy

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