Death in the Midwest

The iron storm shelter door stands silent,
witness to a tragic scene. Now remote
and indifferent to the human loss
like wild deer grazing after the kill.
Only days earlier a desperate family huddled here
cowed like frightened lambs before the onslaught,
a thousand howling furies bearing down,
ripping and tearing – indiscriminate yet sublime.
No shelter access, no time for prayer,
no breath, no single conscious thought, despair.
Torn apart and battered into submission
And then, the silence. Beauty melds into
chaos, sanity once more prevails,
just another story on the nightly news.


Victor Christianopoulos
Age 53
Hong Kong, Special Administrative Region

2 thoughts on “Death in the Midwest

  1. Prayer/despair
    Into/ submission
    I like how your poems with “yet another story”
    And then I think of the
    Two different meanings of submission in this context—
    The “Battered into submission” of the humans and the submission of “just another on the nightly news.”

    • thank you for the comments. the poem does explore one moment of convergence of ‘cycles’… weather cycles, the cycle of life and death… and news cycles.

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