Scarred Walls

We have all seen these scarred walls before
no matter where one looks you may find them
within this battered city of my birth they exist
deep in the mind as well, unobserved
you may try to paint them, but the scars remain
yet of a moment, blinded by resolve
they may become clear once again
life scars each of us in time
we create our own prisons of the mind
reason falls on deaf ears, truth unkind
from the dirty floor we rise with nothing again
phoenix burning with truth to live
shedding our skins as the snake renewed
inside the soul sublime
where the light never shines
we are all scarred indifferently by life
its how well we close the wounds that matters
spirit unbroken yet life in tatters
a prisoner not of the state
but of the mind


Real Estate Agent
Age 43
New York City, New York, United States of America

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