You Weren’t Here

You weren’t here when I came back for you, Lucy.

I came back for you. Like I said I would. After I took care of Ma, like I promised. She wouldn’t want this, you said. You were right. She was crying and snivelling and all but I told her, Ma, I’ll do what I want. Just like that. I’ll do what I want.

And I did. I took care of her.

I always said you were a grand girl, Lucy. I’d never have hurt you. Didn’t I tell you that, Lucy? Didn’t I ? The rope was only til after, you know? After Ma. It wasn’t too tight, was it, Lucy? Is that why you didn’t stay? Lucy? Lucy?

I see you, Lucy, your little shadow feet there under the door. I’m coming, Lucy. I’m coming for you. I’ll take care of you. I promised.


Paula McGrath
Writer, M.F.A. Student & Teacher
Age 47
Dublin, Ireland

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