A bare stage, an empty canvas, a blank page,
And … an unoccupied heart;
What are the possibilities?
Voluptuous melodies frolicking through yearning
Radiant hues cavorting on a hungry backdrop;
Stunning passages romping amidst entreating
Resplendent verses leaping with joy across a
longing folio;
And…hope…ah, yes, hope.


Valerie Lash
College Professor & Actor
Age 63
Columbia, Maryland, United States of America

2 thoughts on “Possibilities

  1. I love this poem. I see me in it. That desire and capacity for passion. All the time took up yearning and seeing not as an abstract concept but a passionate feeling. I was playing with magnetic refrigerator poems today and I wrote one that shows me i am not alone in this desire for passion to fulfill my deepest longings.

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