A Cat’s Eye View

It might have seemed barren and cold to some, but to me it was warm and inviting. It was my new home.  I could sense the privacy.  I stayed close to the warm matted fur of my mama.  I was so hungry, and alive.  After some time passed, I could walk. I could see.  I heard the callings of my siblings. They were hungry and stayed close to mama too.  Soon enough, mama started leaving for periods of time. She would always come back to us though.  One day, someone came back with her to our home.  He had big hands and he liked to hold all of us.  He began to visit often and he started taking one of my siblings with him when he would leave, never to be seen again.  Mama seemed concerned, and I missed them, but there was not much she could do to stop it.  Finally, mama and I were the only ones left in our home.  Once again, I hear the now familiar sound of footsteps and see the big hands coming.  I hope he is not coming for me.  I want to stay here at home with my mama.


Denise Gunn
Age 42
Naples, Florida, United States of America

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