I made it.  All the way from Alabama to California.  I’m here, dammit, I’m here at Grauman’s! Here to see the Big Man’s star.  Best damn actor to ever blaze across the big screen.  He didn’t take nothing off nobody.  He didn’t belong in this town of goody two-shoes fancy-pant movie stars.  But I guess he had to stay where the work was, so to speak.  Hell, can’t blame him.  I’d a done the same thing.

Best line he ever spoke wasn’t even in a movie.  Was at an NRA meeting.  “From my cold , dead hands!”  Damn, gives me goosebumps just thinking about it.  That son-of-a-bitch had a pair, I tell you.

But, hot-damn, here I am.  And god almighty, there it is!  The star!  The handprint!  Dammit, I just gotta put my hand there.  I don’t give a shit if anybody’s looking.

And I’m kneeling and putting my hand right in there.  Great Jesus!  It’s like I can feel a surge of power right up my arm!  Enjoy it.  Enjoy it.

Damn, damn, damn!  I can feel the power.  If I hadn’t shit-canned those damn meds I bet I’d be missing this feeling.  God this is good, God this is good!

Time to stand up and be a man.  Time to do something about all this shit going on.  Me and my 9 mil got some straightening out to do around this town.  Roll, baby, roll!


Ronnie Smith
Senior Applications System Analyst
Age 63
Birmingham, Alabama, United States of America

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